Our Partners


Schools & Local Authorities

We have engaged with over 3500 schools throughout the UK and consider all of them to be valued partners. These partnerships have seen us develop and inspire millions of young people through the activities we have provided.

Our approach with schools and local authorities ensures that all children and young people in our care get the most out of the activities we provide.

British Franchise Association

Premier Sport became a full member of the bfa in 2012 and continue to support the ethos of ethical franchising. Full members of the bfa are established franchised businesses with a proven trading and franchising record. They are prepared to have their reputation examined by the bfa, and have an established network of franchisees.


Premier Sport became an official Change4life partner in 2009 working with the Golden Mile, which is a Change4life official activity. Change4Life is a nationwide movement which aims to help us all, but especially our kids, eat well, move more and live longer.

Children’s University

We are official partners of The Children’s University (CU) who are an international charity that provides 7 to 14 year olds (and 5 and 6 year olds with their families and carers) with exciting, high quality learning experiences outside the normal school day. Our aim is to raise aspirations and develop a love of learning by issuing children with a Passport To Learning which records their individual learning journey.  Children are rewarded for their participation with certificates at graduation ceremonies at local universities.

ukactive Kids

ukactive Kids explores the public health agenda, growing the resources available to address physical inactivity in children. It was created to serve the interests of children and young people from the very early years, pre and post-natal, through to teens.  It aims to direct focus on pre-schools and school; also focusing on families and teachers ensuring physical activity is made available to them. It is not only interested in advocating the Chief Medical Officer’s physical activity guidelines but also in addressing sedentary behaviour in our children’s classes. ukactive Kids and its diverse range of stakeholders hope to stop the development of ‘Generation Inactive’ so that our young people can have a brighter and healthier future.

Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust

The Dame Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust became partners with Premier Sport in 2010, in a bid to work together to inspire young people to find and fulfil their potential in sport or in life.

To date the two organisations have provided opportunities for over 200 young adults looking for opportunities to work and develop careers.

Public Health - Responsibility Deal

We have been part of the Public Health-Responsibility Deal since 2011 and pledged £150,000 worth of physical activity to schools across the UK. The Public Health Responsibility Deal aims to tap into the potential for businesses and other influential organisations to make a significant contribution to improving public health by helping us to create this environment.

The Responsibility Deal embodies the Government’s ambition for a more collaborative approach to tackling the challenges caused by our lifestyle choices. In 2011, the Responsibility Deal was awarded a prestigious Civil Service Award for its innovative collaborative work.


Premier Education Group became an official member of ukactive in 2012. ukactive exists to improve the health of the nation by getting more people, more active, more often

ukactive is the not-for-profit body which provides services and facilitates partnerships for a broad range of organisations, all of which support the vision of more people, more active, more often to improve the health of the nation.

The ukactive Vanguard Group

The ukactive Vanguard Group is a collection of members who share ukactive's vision of getting more people, more active, more often. The Vanguard Group work closely with ukactive to develop policies and strategies to move physical activity up the political agenda and generally promote the benefits of exercise.

The ukactive team in turn provide Vanguard members with a tailored service designed to support their own specific public affairs, policy and corporate goals.

YMG Education

We have worked alongside YMG Education for a number of years to develop our educational programmes. A former teacher, senior leader, advisor, Ofsted Inspector, author and independent consultant, Yvonne is passionate about education and its relevance to young people's learning.

Having worked with the Association of Physical Education, the Youth Sport Trust, Sports Coach UK, and Sport England amongst others, Yvonne brings with her a wealth of experience. Her areas of expertise include insuring excellence and high quality provision in schools as well as delivering education advice and mentoring.