Our Brands

Premier Education Group has been providing schools, children and parents with innovative programmes and initiatives for over sixteen years. Established in 1999, we provide a wide range of services to schools and communities throughout the UK.

The group, consisting of Premier Sport, Premier Performing Arts, The Golden Mile and Premier Transition, collectively employs over 950 qualified professionals and every year, we’re lucky enough to get millions of children active on our activities. In fact, it’s over 8.5 million visits every year, and this is growing all the time!

To give you an idea of how many visitors that is getting active with Premier, it’s the equivalent of our Activity Professionals seeing a different child, EVERY second, of EVERY working day, of EVERY week of the year. In other terms, it’s three times the number of yearly visitors to the London Eye.

In football terms, its like filling Wembley stadium... 3 times... every single week of the year!

Being just a Premier Coach isn’t good enough for our team; we’re dedicated to playing a bigger part in children’s development! It’s #morethansport, that’s why Premier’s Activity Professionals do that bit extra, every time they get the chance to inspire tomorrows generation!

Why do we think this is so important? Well, we can all remember a teacher who was an inspiration to us, someone who believed in us, someone who got the best out of us, someone who inspired us?

We aim to create wonderfully memorable experiences for each child, every time we see them on our activities.

We hope these memories will last a lifetime!