Ukactive Kids

Ukactive Kids

Premier Education Group is a founding partner of Ukactive Kids, formerly known as COMPASS Association, and continues to support its aims of improving standards of delivery within schools. 

Ukactive Kids explores the public health agenda, growing the resources available to address physical inactivity in children. It was created to serve the interests of children and young people from the very early years, pre and post-natal, through to teens.  It aims to direct focus on pre-schools and school; also focusing on families and teachers ensuring physical activity is made available to them. It is not only interested in advocating the Chief Medical Officer’s physical activity guidelines but also in addressing sedentary behaviour in our children’s classes. Ukactive Kids and its diverse range of stakeholders hope to stop the development of ‘Generation Inactive’ so that our young people can have a brighter and healthier future.

Founding and Corporate Partners have been appointed to promote and shape the sports and physical activity landscape in the UK and they work in close collaboration with the key stakeholders who include the Department of Education, Sport England, Sport Wales, Sports Leaders UK, Sports Coach UK, Association for Physical Education, London Mayor’s Office and the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES).



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